[GHESC Polling Average]Austria General(Legislative) Election Polling Average & Seat Projections for Entire June

According to our GEHSC’s polling average data on Austira for Entire June, it showed Austrian People’s Party – the Center-Right and nominal-Ruling party – with 37.85%, which is up more then 6%p from the last election in 2017.

Our projections also showed the Center-Left Social Democrats on 21.58% and Far-Right Freedom Party on 18.51%, down 5.28%p and 7.46%p from 2017. The Greens are on 10.36%, actually almost gaining up 7%p -mostly from the Social Dems.

NEOS(The New Austria & Liberal Forum) in the other hand, is at 8.76%, up 3.5%p. However, Now – Pilz List (previously known as Peter Pilz List) seems to have crashed with only 1.18% – losing 3 quarter of there vote share in the last election – according to our average. The other parties are at 1.74%. (Rest of the percentages stands for No-Party Perference.)

In addition, the seats projections for each parties are as follows. Austrian People’s Party on 79 Seats, Social Democrats on 45, Freedom Party on 42, Greens on 14, NEOS on 6, and the others – including Now – Pilz List are at none.

For more information, visit the following Spreadsheet :