[2019 June Turkey Istanbul Mayoral Election]Introduction & Background

Physical location map of Istanbul. From Maphill

On Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, there was a election held for electing the Metro Mayor as part of the Turkish Local Election. Past Istanbul Mayoral Elections were ruling Justice & Development Party(AKP)’s stronghold, but the results of last year’s General Election – both presidential & parliamentary – showed some big swing from the Ruling Coalition (People’s Alliance/CI) towards the Opposition Nation Alliance (MI). Also the opinion polls showed neck-and-neck close race.

Finally the D-Day came, and it seemed that many expected a narrow AKP-hold with former-PM Binali Yıldırım against pretty-unknown Beylikdüzü Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu. However, the real final tallies from March 31st showed a opposite way – ending AKP’s 15-year-ruling or Right Parties’ 25-year-ruling. (For details, look at the column below.) For some days, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan & his party seemed to stay quiet and accepting the results with little-bit of shocker.

But still there was a recount and showed a same picture, the mayorship was awarded to İmamoğlu. Besides that, Yıldırım decided not to call re-run election. However, President Erdogan ordered YSK – the Turkish Election Board – to judge whether there’ll be a re-run race for Istanbul Mayor. On the following week, YSK declared as the president said to. During this process, the opposition supporters strongly protested but failed to change the decision.

The new election was called on June 23rd. All candidates could stand again for Istanbul Re-Run Mayoral Election, but the other lefter candidates dropped-out for the stable victory of Ekrem campaign. As a close election was againly suggested by the opinion polls(detailly look below), Three facts were simplified to be the major factor. Economy, Kurds, and the Turnout. Probably because of the word the president said before*, this election would be very effecting Turkey’s future and political composion. *He said years before that to win the local elections, we should take the major cities(including Istanbul) not winning nationally.

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